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Hi, I'm Phyllis!

Woman with her hands over her heart looking at the ocean.

Mom to three grown men married my high school sweetheart, 22-year career emergency room RN, and promoter of all things health and wellness.

Working in what I call the “sick care” industry for over 28 years taught me a lot. Most importantly, “health care” is what I prefer! In the emergency room, we focused on critical care interventions or Big Band Aides! Addressing the 3 pillars of health care is key to thriving! If you catch the fire while it’s smoldering you can prevent a forest fire! Maybe you feel like you are in the middle of the devastation. Good news...the firefighters are on the way!


Let’s talk about the 3 pillars of health!

  1. Gut health - did you know that 70-80% of your immune system is supported by your gut microbiome? That’s right, we are 1/10 human cells and 9/10 microbes. When we balance these bugs, our body thrives.

  2. Blood sugar balance/Insulin sensitivity - 88% of us have some form of insulin resistance. This leads to things such as weight gain, hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and elevated fasting blood sugars or elevated insulin levels.

  3. Inflammation - By reducing inflammation and creating a more alkaline state, disease doesn’t leave a lasting mark! Cancer can’t flourish and viruses, bacterial infections, and other pathogens don’t have a chance.


I’m an extrovert by nature and in May of 2017 I found myself well into early menopause. Things like hot flashes, restless legs, sadness, anxiety, migraines, chronic infections (yeast, athlete's foot, canker sores, sinus, urinary tract), insomnia, constipation, brain fog, and heart palpitations had become a “normal” part of my life. Also, as a marathon runner and avid exerciser, I found myself gaining unexplained weight to the tune of 20 pounds in 2 years. I knew something was wrong, saw my gynecologist who told me hormones would make me gain more weight and “may” take away my hot flashes.


By turning to a more holistic approach, plant-based supplementation, I found the answer. Life became colorful again, I lost the extra weight as well as all the things mentioned before. Now, I help women of menopause age thrive by prevention over prescription through holistic plant-based care!

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